Whole30 - Day 24

On the morning of Day 24, I prepared brunch for the family!  Matt's parents and brother joined me, Matt, and my mom for a morning full of conversation, jokes, and delicious food.

I will start by saying that everything I made was Paleo.  Little of it was within the guidelines of the true Whole30 program.  I'll point out what and why as I go along.

So what does this mean for MY Whole30 venture?  Nothing.  Like I've mentioned in earlier posts this month... my goals are a little different than in my first two Whole30's this year.  So for me, this brunch was not a derailment - in fact, it was right in line with my OWN goals and what I am hoping to accomplish across this 30 day span.  Read my summary post after Day 30 for more details.

Family Brunch:
• Sausage breakfast patties (Whole30 Okay!)
I mixed the Italian Seasoning blend I made out of Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat with ground pork.  Formed the mix into small patties and fried them in coconut oil.  
 • Breakfast Frittata (Whole30 Not Okay, Paleo Okay!)
I started with the Crustless Quiche recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods.  I added a few different veggies (all cooked in coconut oil), browned seasoned ground pork, and sprinkled the top with crisp bacon.  I used a few extra eggs and coconut milk.  The bacon from my local grocery store, full of sugar and nitrates, is not in compliance with a strict Whole30.  Check out the Whole30 approved bacon at US Wellness Meats!  Just wish I had some in the fridge right about now.

•  Paleo Waffles (Whole30 Not Okay, Paleo Okay!)
The Paleo Parents rock!  I finally found a reason to make the Frozen Waffles from their Eat Like a Dinosaur Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-Free Kids.  And it was nice to dust off my fancy pants waffle maker again.  The concept of Paleo Waffles is not in line with a Whole30 and the Sunbutter that I used was not the organic unsweetened kind.  However, they are DARN tasty for a gluten-free eater and certainly satisfy the hankerin' if waffles are your thing.  I served these with Nutella and pure maple syrup.  Neither of which I chose to eat.  I topped my waffle with fresh fruit, instead.

•  Fresh cut fruit (Whole30 Okay!)
Of course this is okay!  Matt's mom brought a beautiful bowl full of mixed berries and kiwi.  It was fresh, sweet, and full of zing.  I could not consume enough of the heart healthy deliciousness!

When conversation died down and the afternoon drew on, my in-laws departed for their own home and I went straight back into the kitchen.  I had stumbled across a Banh Mi Salad recipe a few weeks back and my mouth had been watering ever since.  Okay, not literally, but the "taste" for Vietnamese food was lingering in the back of my mouth. 

Banh Mi Salad, recipe from Mark's Daily Apple

I admit, I missed the crunch of an original Banh Mi sandwich... but this salad is one of my new favorite summer recipes.  It is light, easy, and packed full of flavor!  Invite me to your next potluck and you will more than likely see me walk up with a giant bowl of this savory goodness.

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