Whole30 - Day 25

The finish line is in sight!  I made it to day 25 of eating a (mostly) strict Paleo diet following the tenets of Dallas and Melissa Hartwig's Whole30 program.

Mom was still in town visiting and after a go-go-go week in Las Vegas, we just couldn't slow our Mother-Daughter momentum.  Matt left for work at his usual early departure time and Mom and I had a somewhat leisurely breakfast of leftover frittata and sausage patties.

I spent a few hours of the morning with the American Red Cross donating blood.  Since my iron was at rock star levels (and there is a desperate cry for blood right now in Southern California) - I was eligible for a Double Red Cell donation.  They needed it.  I had it.  I gave it.  When the process was complete, I snacked on an apple I had brought with me and plenty of bottled water.

Then Mom and I were off again... this time to Santa Monica to pay Penzeys a visit.  We sniffed, snorted, inhaled, and investigated every seasoning, spice, and spice blend available for our inquisitive little noses.  When I was done filling my basket with my prepared shopping list, I opted to toss a few newbies into the mix as well.  Mom walked out with a bag full of most of my standard favorites.  I walked out with the following:

Whole Tellicherry Indian Black Peppercorns
Broken Leaf Turkish Oregano
Smoked Spanish Paprika
Fox Point Seasoning - a savory blend of shallots, chives, and scallions... Matt loves this on grilled chicken
Whole Indian Fennel Seeds

And newcomers to the spice cabinet:

RuthAnn's Muskego Ave Chicken & Fish Seasoning - a lemony, peppery blend of sorts
Sunny Paris Seasoning - shallots, chives, dill, basil, tarragon, chervil, and bay leaf... I had to give this a try!
Bavarian Seasoning - great for pork dishes
Ground Galangal - sometimes ginger just isn't enough when I make Thai recipes
Mitchell Street Steak Seasoning - I wasn't about to pass up a FREE JAR with the coupon that came with my mail-order catalog.  This blend does contain sugar, but I'm not going to fret over it and plan to use it once this round of Whole30 is complete.


When the damage was done, Mom and I made a beeline for Bird Pick Tea & Herb.  This lovely little shop has the greatest selection of whole leaf tea I have ever seen.  I also appreciate that I can buy as much or as little of a tea that I want.  I went home with a small package of Tranquili-Tea, a blend of chamomile, lavender, and mint for nighttime relaxation.  I also purchased a large bag full of Wild Berry Fruit Tea which makes a FANTASTIC summertime iced tea.  It is almost like a fruit punch... but no sweetener, no sugars... just fruit and tea!


Mom and I made a short pit stop at the nearest Whole Foods to pick up a quick snack before we headed home.  We here happy to discover this little gem waiting for us at the check-out line:

We braved our way through rush hour traffic on the 405, the 5, and the 14 just in time to get home and munch on leftover Banh Mi Salad, pack, and head to bed as we braced for the 3:00 am wake-up call to push us out the door for Mom's 7 am flight.

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