Whole30 - Day 26

And on the 26th Day, She slept.


One day I'll write a post about all the great things living in the middle of the desert has to offer.  One day.  But on this day - I will write about the hour and a half drive to the airport when there is minimal traffic on the road.  On top of the two hours before flight time passengers are expected to arrive.

Mom and I were up somewhere between 2:30 am and 3:00 am to get ready for her flight back home to Texas.  She packed a bag with hard boiled eggs, baby carrots, and Saturn peaches to keep her satiated throughout the day.  I nursed a bottle of cranberry kombucha on the drive down to the airport and back.

After a tearful goodbye, hugs, kisses, and the usual "call me when you get home" were exchanged - I was back on the road, alone for the first time in a week.

When I got back to the house around 6:30, Matt was just getting ready to leave for work.  I gobbled down the last piece of leftover breakfast frittata, kissed my darling husband goodbye, and curled back up in bed.

All day.

When I was done with my morning nap...  I decided it was time for a nice long afternoon nap.  Right up until Matt came home from work.

Dinner was a grass-fed hamburger patty topped with jalapeƱo mustard and green chiles.

Then I called it a night and curled right up in bed and back to sleep.

I guess my food was right on today?  And so was my sleep!

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