Whole30 - Day 29

Day 29 (and Day 30) were spent...

On the road again!

Matt had work to tend to up near Salinas, California so we decided to turn the trip into a short family getaway.  After breakfast, we threw the pups, a change of clothes, and a few snacks in the truck and were on our way north.

• scrambled eggs
• leftover sauteed onions and red cabbage

Miss Ellie watched excitedly as the desert moved quickly past her window.  We were "GOING!" and that is her favorite activity of them all...

Sometimes Volt's head can get a little heavy, so he'll rest it on the closest available prop.  The water bowl is especially convenient as he doesn't have to move anything other than his tongue when he gets thirsty.

At least he had enough energy to give the sniff of approval for my mid-morning snack: grilled chicken tenders and SeaSnax.

When we finally arrived to the job site, Matt did a little work while Volt oversaw the effort...

After Matt tied up all his business for the day, it was time for lunch.  A diligent Yelp search led us to an INCREDIBLE eatery in Salinas, CA... Salinas City BBQ.

Salinas City BBQ is a quaint little spot that smells so good, I could spend all day just standing outside breathing in the delicious smoky aroma.  Service was quick and friendly.  My dinner salad looked (and tasted) as though it had been freshly plucked from the nearby farm fields.  Each of the salad dressing selections is made from scratch on-site in the restaurant kitchen.

My tri-tip and pulled pork combo plate was one of the best plates of BBQ I have ever had.  The meat was tender, moist, and deep with flavor.  No sauce required.  The coleslaw was also fresh and crisp.  (The slice of garlicky toast made its way off of my plate and across the table out of sight.)

I would absolutely consider another five hour drive just to eat here again. 

After lunch we all piled back into the truck and drove out to Monterey for the night.  Matt, the dogs, and I walked around and took in the sights.  I loved all the bright gardens we passed.

Before we knew it, tummies were rumbling and it was time for dinner... the closest, pet friendly place was a BBQ spot near our hotel.  After the mindblowing, taste bud explosion at lunch - our experience at Henry's BBQ was just so-so.  Note:  the saucy meat and the coleslaw would be acceptable for any other Paleo day, but for a Whole30 - they don't quite make the cut.

Volt was more than thrilled to help clear away what I didn't finish.  After dinner, we returned to our hotel and settled in for a nice relaxing evening.

Our choice in hotels certainly got Ellie's stamp of approval.  Sweet dreams!

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