Another Kitchen Christmas...

I always love new toys in the kitchen... as soon as the UPS truck turns the corner onto my street, the dogs are on high alert notifying me of the arrival of my brown corrugated boxes.  As much as I prefer packages adorned with shiny wrapping paper with a big fatty bow, the glorious Amazon logo is a close rival and well-accepted second choice for box decor.

Go ahead.  Click it.  You know you want to.  I'll wait.


My most recent addition to my kitchen counter was inspired by a photo on Instagram... of beet chips!  Yes.  Beet chips.  I will admit, I love my kitchen knives.  When it comes to making slices thin enough to merit a chip, however, I am not a master of knife skills and my chips are really more like uneven wedges.  And wedges don't get crispy unless they sit under the broiler for five minutes too long... in which case, the outside is charred and the inside is still the consistency of a mashed potato.

So what's my point?  Ever since I've been noshing on homemade sweet potato chips and fries, I've been envious of those perfectly thin mandoline made slices.  I've priced mandolines.  I've read the reviews.  But my knife-nicked finger tips have urged me to stay away.  Slips with a knife merit a band-aid, mistakes on a mandoline merit a trip to the ER.  But there was just something about that picture of beet chips.

I added beet greens to the veggie eats part of my weekly menu and had a glimmer of hope to use the beets to make chips.  I wasn't too eager to drop $100 on a new mandoline, so I turned to my trusty amazon.com to do some research.  Lo and behold, the Germans are not only great at developing a superior chamois (ShamWow, anyone?), they apparently make a great mandoline!  After one-click ordering, my dream of beet chips was now only a two-day shipping wait away!

I'll admit, I got butterflies when the box arrived.  Excitement over my new found ability to make chip slices of every possible starch and veggie within eye-shot... and nervousness over making chip slices of every possible digit on my right hand.  After a quick instructional review on YouTube (who reads directions anymore?), I was ready to slice and dice!

I gathered my now greenless beets, removed the stalks, and scrubbed away the dirt and grit.

I took a DEEP breath, closed my eyes... realized that wasn't a good idea so I opened them again... and then started slicing.  The first time isn't so easy.  Perhaps I was over cautious, a little fearful, and just not used to a mandoline.  By the last beet, my confidence and ability had grown and I had accumulated a nice mound of perfectly sliced beets.

I tossed them with coconut oil, a few sprinkles of salt, then laid them flat on a lined cookie sheet to roast in a 375° F oven for about 35 minutes.  I shuffled them around and flipped them over about half way through. 

I probably ate a few too many as I was convinced by the following evening that I was dying of renal failure.  If you've ever eaten beets, you'll understand.  If you haven't, just brace yourself before you head to the restroom and know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your internal organs.

I was so thrilled with the results and the lazy easy clean-up of the mandoline and its pieces, I decided to take on the yams that were hanging out in the produce bowl on the shelf.


Sweet potato fries?  YES!

The julienne feature took some getting used to... but I certainly wasn't going to complain about delicious shoestring-esque crispy sweet potato strips.

I was on such a roll, I didn't want Matt to miss out on the thrill of my new kitchen gadget... I went all out with the holy grail of snackin's in the Rottman household - SWEET POTATO CHIPS.

Verdict?  100% success!

A little salt.  A little chili powder.  35 - 40 minutes of roasting at 375° F.  And then... CHIPS!  Crunchety, salty, snackilicious chips.

Another satisfied mandoline customer.  Thanks, Germany, for being so great with your "As Seen on TV" product line.  So if any of y'all need something sliced to perfection... onions, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumbers... anything but fingers, just give me a call.  Or even better?  Order your own and remember to keep your fingers tucked and ALWAYS use the blade guard.

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