Dining Out Paleo: The Thai Restaurant

Welcome to my Thursday series: Dining Out Paleo

Every Thursday I post a recent dining out experience and how I chose the best possible options to stay true to my Paleo lifestyle and avoid grains, sugars, dairy, and soy to the best of my ability.  Unless informed otherwise, I always assume that the restaurant uses vegetable/canola oils for cooking.

Thai food.  Absolutely my most favorite food in the entire world.  The flavors are always so fresh, light, and layers deep.  I like to think that eating Paleo at a Thai restaurant is relatively easy... but I know better and there is an abundant use of soy, sugar, and gluten deeply hidden in many of the ingredients.  Regardless of what I know is lingering in the sauces - I still seek out the menu options with the most meat and vegetables I can possibly get.

This week's eating adventure led Matt and me to The Thai Restaurant in downtown Lancaster, California.  Surprisingly, there are a few excellent Thai restaurants in the Antelope Valley.  My two favorites are The Thai Restaurant and Thai Garden in Rosamond.  I tend to order the same dishes regardless of where I happen to be dining as I truly enjoy the difference in preparation.

Here is how I (nearly) always order when I order Thai food:

I start with a cup/pot/mug of Jasmine tea.  Then I order a Beef Salad / Spicy Beef Salad - a bed of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion, topped with marinated grilled beef and delicious spicy lime dressing.

Panang beef - spiced beef prepared with select ingredients in spicy gravy with bell pepper and coconut milk.  I know this isn't the absolute BEST option, but I love me some Panang curry beef.  I avoid all the rice and just eat the meat and veggies and curry sauce.  Since most Panang curry recipes that I have seen contain sugar, I just deal with this fact and move on with my meal.  

Delicious and filling, as always!

And for the days I just don't feel like going out but want the succulent flavors of Thai dishes...  I was truly delighted when The Paleo Parents recently posted a Paleo friendly Panang curry recipe!  I have yet to try it, but am keeping it in my back pocket for upcoming use.  I also like to sneak back and refer to The Clothes Make the Girl's post about her Thai cooking class and all the wonderful references she includes throughout.

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