I'm a show-er, not a grower...

Sorry for my absence these past few weeks...  Life has been a perfect storm of traveling, long distance lunching, and just being all out lazy.  110 degree heat tends to have that effect on me.  In an effort to keep you all coming back for more and not totally giving up on me - here is a quick post about all the exciting things that have been going on in my feeble attempts at my first garden.  You know... the garden I started at the end of April.

So here ya go!  There may not be a whole lot growing, but I feel quite inclined to show off what is...

My tomatoes have been doing quite well.  I just recently encountered a very hungry caterpillar indulging on some leaves and a baby tomato.  He was immediately fed to the very hungry birds lingering nearby.  

Is that a teeny blossom I see on my serrano pepper plant?  It is!

In an act of frustration and gardening inadequacy, I dumped a bunch of carrot and kale seeds into the planter in hopes that at least one or two would grow to full edible fruition.  Imagine my shock when EVERYTHING started to sprout in less than a week from the time the seeds were put into the dirt!

My Japanese eggplants have finally survived the heat.  I have sadly watched as blossom after beautiful purple blossom has withered and fallen to its dirtly demise.  And then one day, instead of falling off the plant, two blossoms started getting a little more hearty and their bases each a little more purple.  My favorite part of the garden finally emerged - two gorgeous and richly purple eggplants.

Little garden toads have kindly been tending to my insect control.  And Miss Ellie has been unkindly tending to toad control.  The toads and their sour secreted defense mechanism have successfuly managed to thwart her efforts of consumption.

It looks like we might even be indulging in a few pomegranates this year.  Matt's tree has finally blossomed and produced (quite a bit of) fruit.  I love fresh pomegranate juice and especially snacking on pomegranate arils, so I'm really looking forward to these guys fully ripening.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the dogs enjoying the lavender.  And hope the bees make their way around to my zuchinni and cucumbers.  And hope that the newest blooms on my eggplant are able to fend off the 108 degrees of veggie-roasting heat.  Stay tuned for another update - maybe one of these will actually be pictures of COOKED food.  Maybe.

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