Dining Out Paleo: Bakery Express Cafe

Welcome to my Thursday series: Dining Out Paleo 
Every Thursday I post a recent dining out experience and how I chose the best possible options to stay true to my Paleo lifestyle and avoid grains, sugars, dairy, and soy to the best of my ability.  Unless informed otherwise, I always assume that the restaurant uses vegetable/canola oils for cooking. 
I know what you're thinking... how can I possibly find something Paleo edible at a place that has both "bakery" and "express" in the name?  Well sit tight, dear friends, because this is one of my favorite healthy places to eat in this cozy corner of the Mojave Desert that I call home.  Bakery Express Cafe in Palmdale, California does indeed serve baked goods, but I think their salad selection is the highlight of their lunchtime menu.

Lunch options range from an assortment of salads to pizzas to sandwiches to a few meatcentric entrees.  Most of the salad options start with a basic bed of lettuce, adding in a variety of other veggies or accoutrements, and the option of adding a protein.  Some salads, like the Chef Salad, already come loaded with turkey, ham, and eggs.

My body has been deficient in veggie consumption as of late so I stuck with the salad selection side of the menu, preferring a meal heavy on veggies and light on meat.  This most recent afternoon, I opted for the Goat Cheese Salad.

I rarely, hardly ever, consume dairy.  Just don't like it.  But on this particular day, goat cheese just sounded incredibly tasty and was something I felt like enjoying.  The staff at Bakery Express are all so pleasant and helpful that I've never had a problem 86ing any of the salad ingredients that I don't feel like eating, want to/cannot eat.  Like olives.  Those slimy salty suckers need to stay as far away from my plate as possible.

My salad arrived perfectly as described: a bed of mixed greens with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pinenuts, and chicken breast.  All lightly tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.  And it was fantastic!  The contrast between the crunch of the pine nuts and the creaminess of the goat cheese was just the sensation I was hoping for.  I forgot how flavorful goat cheese can be and was happy I opted to treat myself for this particular meal.

Great salads.  Fabulous service.  And a beautiful place to eat.  The facility itself is small and cozy, with soft relaxing music playing in the background.  The chairs are so comfortable that a power lunch could easily turn into a leisurely session of catching-up and sharing life's troubles for an hour and a half.  I highly recommend Bakery Express for any Paleo folk in or passing through the Antelope Valley... and especially recommend it for anyone that just likes a really good sandwich or soup or salad or combination of any of the above.

I will definitely be returning to keep an eye on their soup du jour in hopes that there will be a veggie hearty option one of these visits.

Bon appetit!

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