Hot Dog! Bark in the Park at Dodger Stadium!

On September 1, the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted "Bark in the Park" at Dodger Stadium in the Right Field Pavilion.  Since Volt seems to glue himself to the television whenever there is a Dodgers game on, we thought he might enjoy actually getting to see his team play live and in person.  Go with me on this, the pups are Matt's and my furry babies and I am thoroughly convinced they truly understand everything we say to them. 

Matt and I signed our waivers... basically agreeing to the fact that if we get attacked by a pit bull, we won't hold the Dodgers liable.

We gathered together all four tickets... Volt and Miss Ellie each got their own seat.

We packed a copy of up to date shot records, as requested...

And Volt confirmed everything was copacetic.

When we arrived at the stadium, it was Dodger dog craziness!

Before the game, all the dogs and their owners took a lap around the field.

I encouraged Volt to bite the nearby Diamondback player with no success.

 Every person and pup settled in to their seats... It was time for Dodger baseball!

There was plenty of time to sniff for leftover peanut shells, nachos, and even a mustard soaked foil wrapper or two...

Volt and Miss Ellie couldn't get enough of the all-you-can-eat Dodger Dogs.

Matt and Miss Ellie sang along to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch...

And when there were no more nachos or peanuts to clean from the floor... the doggies, Matt, and I looked on as the Dodgers capped off the night with a 2-1 win over the Diamondbacks.

With such an eventful day full of food and excitement, how could the following day possibly compare?  Easy.  By resting our exhausted bodies!

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