What does it mean when they turn color?

Two weeks ago, one of my tomatoes started to change color.  I was convinced it was dying.  It is has been four months and my garden has done nothing but stare blankly back at me since I planted it.  Then all of a sudden, one day, the biggest tomato on the plant started to shed its bright green color for a more brownish yellow shade. 

Now I KNEW it was dying.  The tomato was going to die and fall off.  Like every other blossom and veggie that I have tried to grow this year.

After I returned home from a short week in Dallas, I discovered that not only is my tomato now RED, but the other tomatoes on the plant are turning red as well.

Alright, so I was wrong.  They're not dying.  WHAT THE HECK!?  Matt and I may seriously be eating something I grew.  And soon!

Now that the desert weather has turned a little more California and a lot less Hell, my plants seem to be much happier.  Even the mass handful of seeds I haphazardly threw in the ground before my Dallas trip are poking through.  Perhaps fall will be much more bountiful than summer.

Those little sprouts at the bottom of the picture are beets!  For beet chips!

Since my outlook for home garden meal planning has been awfully bleak these past few weeks, I opted to create a visual respite in front of the vegetable bed.  If I can't eat, at least I can look at the hummingbirds and butterflies who can.  It has been a relaxing retreat in the backyard ever since I finished the mini-makeover.

Here's the garden area in April.

My little garden getaway in August.

Lavender, Salvia, Lantana, Daylilies, African daisies, and a bunch of other purple, yellow, and blue flowers that look pretty and I don't know the name of have brightened up the backyard and distracted my eyes from my sad little veggie garden.

I moved my wilted herbs out of my kitchen window and into the backyard where they seem to be much happier and I seem to be much more inclined to snip away bits for cooking and eating.  Go figure.

After a stellar lunch date with my hubby one afternoon, I came home to find a delivery of fresh Bougainvillea on the doorstep.  I am so blessed to be married to the most thoughtful and loving man in the world.  Don't hate, ladies.  I repotted the brightly colored plant into a hanging basket and added it to my backyard getaway.

The veggies must be getting jealous because there has been a surge of growth taking place ever since.


And to protect all the new sprouts and seeds, I've adorned each corner of the bed with brightly colored pinwheels.  My aunt, who's garden looks like a small farm that could feed the neighborhood, suggested pinwheels to keep the birds away.  So far, so good.  Big ugly birds have stayed away and the hummingbirds and butterflies have been hanging out in full abundance.

As the weather continues to cool, I'm anticipating much more excitement in the backyard.  And as long as my schedule stays busy and I keep slacking on real blog posts and updates, you'll continue to see quick garden updates as they are fast to write, easy to do, and make me exceptionally happy.

It looks like I got the dog's approval on the new garden addition.  Volt gives it a thumbs up.  Well, at least he gives it SOMETHING up.

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