Garden School Part II

Last Saturday was my second day in Garden School.  We covered a range of topics from bug management to espalier trees to bees and even an in-depth conversation about composting composition.

In my desperate quest to rid my garden of those gnarly tobacco hornworms, I was informed that a tuna can with beer placed at the base of the plant is a solution worth trying.  Duly noted because seeing these guys makes me want to throw up a little bit.

After much learning and discussion, it was playtime in the garden!  I learned how to prune a tomato bush, clearing away the suckers and leaving the fruiting stems.

We sampled a fresh bite of arugula.  It's a vegetable.  A bold peppery vegetable at that!

And each student was given a handful of sage and lemon thyme to take home.

Trouble with your squash plants not producing?  Try a little plant artificial insemination.

When it was time to go back inside for more discussion around watering and garden water needs, we were all treated to homemade tomato focaccia with tomatoes from right out of the garden.  This girl is certainly getting her money's worth.

Looking forward to next week for the last class of the series!

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