Moments of Zen For My 90 Day Cleanse - #1

What better way to spend Q4 than focusing completely on the health of mind and body?  It has been a rough ride this year and Matt and I have agreed to spend the months of October, November, and December focusing on eating right, clearing our brains of toxic blahs, and exercising together.  Every few days throughout the 90, I will post individual bits of bodhi that I am using to help clear my head, my heart, and my body.


Clear the clutter.  It is much easier to concentrate when I am not surrounded by clutter.  Clearing clutter opens the mind.

What I like to think of as "easy access to all my beauty needs"...

became something Matt didn't mind encountering during his early morning visit to use the facilities.

What I like to consider an efficient approach to putting on my shoes in said facilities (what the heck?  I'm already sitting, right?!)...

became more laundry.  But at least my shoes made it to the closet.

What I like to believe is my multi-tasking arena for writing, working, reading, and eating...

pleasantly returned to dinner table status.

Even the dogs got on board and gathered all their toys into one place.

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