Moments of Zen For My 90 Day Cleanse - #5

What better way to spend Q4 than focusing completely on the health of mind and body?  It has been a rough ride this year and Matt and I have agreed to spend the months of October, November, and December focusing on eating right, clearing our brains of toxic blahs, and exercising together.  Every few days throughout the 90, I will post individual bits of bodhi that I am using to help clear my head, my heart, and my body.


Have plenty of protein "at the ready".

Matt and I like to defrost a mountain of meat on one day of the week and grill, grill, grill until the refrigerator is stocked full of meats for quick eats.  Matt has plenty of chicken for lunch and I have chicken and grass-fed hamburger patties ready for breakfasts, lunch, or snacks.  No effort in defrosting.  Fun times with sampling different Penzeys seasoning blends.  And less than 30 minutes of grilling time.  A little manual effort and we're set with meat for a week!  No excuses for crummy habits when we're locked and loaded with a hearty arsenal of protein.

Some of our favorite Penzeys blends for the grill?

Fox Point
Herbes de Provence
Turkish Seasoning
BBQ 3000

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