Moments of Zen for My 90 Day Cleanse - #7

What better way to spend Q4 than focusing completely on the health of mind and body?  It has been a rough ride this year and Matt and I have agreed to spend the months of October, November, and December focusing on eating right, clearing our brains of toxic blahs, and exercising together.  Every few days throughout the 90, I will post individual bits of bodhi that I am using to help clear my head, my heart, and my body.
Celebrate Big Events Without A Self-Imposed Guilt Trip.

October 10 is Matt's and my wedding anniversary.  This year we celebrated three wonderful years of (mostly) joyful matrimony.  I told myself that for the one evening we chose to celebrate, I would make peace with my conscious decision over unhealthy food and drink and then move right along without waking up the next day burdened by a self-imposed guilt trip.  I tend to be incredibly hard on myself about these things.  I think we all know that by now.

So on the evening of 10/10/12, Matt and I delighted in a bottle of champagne and toasted to another fabulous three years together.  After that, we'll reevaluate and see if we want to keep going.


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