Moments of Zen for My 90 Day Cleanse - #8

What better way to spend Q4 than focusing completely on the health of mind and body?  It has been a rough ride this year and Matt and I have agreed to spend the months of October, November, and December focusing on eating right, clearing our brains of toxic blahs, and exercising together.  Every few days throughout the 90, I will post individual bits of bodhi that I am using to help clear my head, my heart, and my body.
Go for more walks with the dogs.

I'm a terrible doggy parent.  I've taught my not-so-little furry babies that eating carrots and apples from my cutting board and lounging around the house is perfectly acceptable dog behavior.  The carrots and apples, perhaps... but the lounging has gotten out of hand lately.

In an effort to get myself and my dogs moving more, we've started taking frequent and brisk morning walks.  Volt enjoys getting to visit with the school children waiting for the bus or playing on the playground and Ellie can't get enough of lunging at the rabbits sprinting across her path on their way out into the desert.  I just enjoy traveling around the block at a near sprint when 150 pounds of pup pull hard enough to nearly dislocate my shoulders.  I must say, the much cooler morning weather has certainly made leaving the house more desirable.  55 degrees at 6:30 am sure beats an early morning 88 degrees and an overheated dog.

Hooray for fall weather and 2+ miles a day of walking!

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