Our Livin' Large Maui Vacation - Day 1

As a spoiled rotten little brat child, I always used to believe that Hawaiian vacations were pedestrian and there was no possible way Hawaii could be as cool as the Caribbean Islands.  At 33 years old, reality finally smacked me in the jaw like a scolding parent telling petulant little me to "wise up!"  On January 6, Matt and I tackled an almost six hour long airplane ride to start our Livin' Large Maui Vacation and kick off 2013 with a joyful start.

This was the first trip that Matt and I have ever been on that I didn't obsess, preplan, plan, replan, plan again, and create a full minute-to-minute day-to-day itinerary.  With a token pair of shorts from Old Navy, a few retro-tastic swimsuits from ModCloth, and a suitcase full of flowy maxi dresses, we were off with the anticipation of discovery and possibilities for excitement.

Day 1 in 100 words or less with gratuitous pictures for effect:

Bacon, eggs, and green chiles breakfast.  Giant slurpy goodbye puppy kisses.  $10 Refresh Tea from Starbucks.  Francis Chan, sleep, and more Francis Chan.  Finally finished The Talent Code, the book I started on my last "vacation" in March 2012.  Lean Cuisine-esque airplane food.  Pineapple juice.  Free wine.

Airport insanity.  Warm tropical air bedecked with 30 mph winds.  Long bus ride.  Whales.

Annoying children who we were thrilled to discover were staying nowhere near us.  Ritz-Carlton.  Check-in.  Giant schmancy suite.  Fresh flowers.

Kirin.  Crackers.  Deli meat.  Maui onion chips.  Downton Abbey season premier.  Pass out.

Just like real ballers.

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