Our Livin' Large Maui Vacation - Day 2

Who doesn't enjoy a perfect sunrise while sitting on the lanai overlooking the ocean?  The girl who sits on the lanai facing the west coast of Maui, that's who.  Around 7:15 am in my jet lagged sleepy stupor, I finally realized I would need to wait about 11 more hours before I could see the sun... setting over the water.

I used to be smart.  Once.

The grounds at the Ritz-Carlton-Kapalua contain an expansive vegetable, fruit, and herb garden used by the resort restaurants in the preparation of fresh and local cuisine.  Hello in-season whole food!

Matt and I spent a good chunk of the morning touring the gardens, taking pictures, and speaking with their resident botanist, Frank.  Frank also collects all the orchids that are used throughout the resort when they are no longer vibrant and vital and rehabilitates them back to health in the garden.

We completed our tour with a frothy island beverage at the bar and then enjoyed a local lunch at the nearby Honolua Store.  Matt test drove a Hyundai Genesis in conjunction with the promotional activities for the Hyuandai Tournament of Champions that was taking place on the golf course right outside our room.

After much frolicking in some very aggressive waves, the accidental loss of my retro-tastic swim suit top, and reaching the point of pure beachy exhaustion...

(Matt's little head is in the middle of the next picture, right under the crashing wave)

...it was time to drink away the evening at the Preferred Pump sponsored luau with free-flowing Mai-Tais, beer, and roasted pig.  I forwent the Polynesian potations and instead loaded my plate with poke, pork, and pineapple. 

Fabulous food and festivities punctuated the day's finale!  

There were a few grouchies from our giant group on the bus ride back to the Ritz.  In my life, I've never heard so many people complain about so many things with regard to a week at a Ritz-Carlton in Maui.  Perhaps they were Caribbean fans, too and just never got the memo that Maui CAN BE kinda bitchin'.

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