Our Livin' Large Maui Vacation - Day 3

Literal translation of livin' large on day 3 meant kayaking in the Pacific Ocean next to humpback whales.  Yeah, it was pretty bad ass.  The pictures taken below were included with the price of the tour.  I was thrilled with that offer because I was too busy trying to coordinate paddles with Matt to take pictures of the all the sweet whale action that was going on around us.  The awesome folks at Hawaiian Paddle Sports do it up first class all the way.  The following pictures were taken by our uber fit local food expert and CrossFitter kayak guide, Donny.

A few hours of paddling after and around whales is quite an experience and the only apropos thing to do next was jump in!  Not with the whales, but with sea turtles and eels and tropical fish.  A little snorkeling, a little bladder emptying (it was a LONG morning), and a short paddle back to shore capped off the morning.

A patty melt, one hell of a seared ahi tuna sandwich, a few french fries with garlic aioli, and a large glass of water at Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop filled our rapacious tummies before our $60+ taxi ride back to the hotel.  

Much relaxing by the pool.  Some reading.  Some napping.  First priority: zen out.  Second priority: rebuild our appetite.  When both had been satisfactorily achieved, we picked up our rental car from the concierge and drove to our second Sheldon Simeon restaurant of the day, Star Noodle.  An hour wait on a Tuesday night.  Views of the Pacific Ocean and a very busy Lahaina CrossFit kept us occupied for most of the wait.  

We indulged in a short and eye-opening shopping extravaganza at the nearby Foodland.  What happens when you combine the world's greatest food with the world's worst food?  This:

I'm just glad I didn't see natto flavored Spam.  I just might have run out of the store crying.  

With a 3 o'clock in the morning alarm looming in front of us, the evening ended early.  Not quite the baller life, but my circadians would have revolted against me otherwise leaving day 4 with the potential of being a grouchy sour-faced day.  Not up in here.  NOT up in here.  (Link really NSFW, FYI)

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