Our Livin' Large Maui Vacation - Day 4

If you haven't been keeping up with how NOT sucktastic a trip to Maui can actually be... check out how I spent my first, second, and third day discovering just how wonderful a little island in the Pacific really is.

Day 4 was a lot less livin' large than Day 3 and a lot more livin' humble.  We were on a flight to O'ahu to visit Pearl Harbor before the sun even broke the horizon line.  Air travel certainly is nice without checked baggage or a carry-on.  TSA has nothing to search except my sub-bosom, my ankles, and everything in between.

We booked our tour tickets in advance through Recreation.gov and arrived with more than enough time to settle in, roam around, and get super nerded out with audio tour headphones.  There's really not much I can put into words.  This visit far exceeded anything I could've ever imagined, with a small level of anxiety for the entire morning.  I hate history.  I loved Pearl Harbor.  I hate reading all the little notes at museum exhibits.  I not only read everything I could (some of them twice), but I listened to my audio tour in conjunction with the exhibits (sometimes twice).  To all my history teachers who put me to sleep on more than one occasion, all you needed to do was take me to Honolulu for a field trip to capture my attention.

This post card that was sent from one of the men on board the USS Arizona brought tears to my eyes.  It wasn't the first nor the last time I cried that morning.

Dear Lord / Lest I continue / My complacent way / Help me to remember
Somehow out there / A man died for me today. / As long as there be war
I then must / Ask and answer / Am I worth dying for?
Poem Eleanor Roosevelt kept in her wallet during WWII

There were a few of these pin-up pictures posted around the USS Bowfin.  I thought they were great.  Women with hips and boobs!

Once Matt and I were sufficiently toured out, we sought out giant burgers and shave ice on the North Shore in Haleiwa.  Kua'Aina didn't disappoint with their over-sized servings of beef and toppings.  Cash only if you want to indulge in 1/3 or 1/2 pound of the meaty goodness.

Matsumoto's offered up hearty (and sickeningly sweet) portions of shave ice.  I discovered for the first and last time that sweetened condensed milk should not be consumed... ever.  Especially not right out of a squeezy bottle and on top of my shave ice.

We made a quick pit stop to Laniakea Beach to visit the honu and then hurried back to the airport to catch our flight back "home" for the night.

Aloha, Mr. Turtle! 
"Whoa, Dude.  Mister Turtle is my father.  The name's Crush."

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