How I Made My Husband Smile on Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, I was inspired to make my husband a little gift that he could keep on his desk.  Something that would incite candy sweet thoughts of me every time he gazed upon it.  I had such an enjoyable time painting stencils on mason jars for Christmas centerpieces, I wanted to do something similar that would be quick and relatively easy.

And now one where Miss Ellie didn't photobomb my picture...

The remnants of my creativity still lingering, I decided on a company-themed stenciled candy jar filled with Matt's favorite sweet treat - peanut M&Ms.

In between back-to-back episodes of Dr. Who marathoning, I gathered up the following to start my project:

glass container with lid (if I had planned ahead, I would have expanded my search to a more stylish vessel for containing candy)
acrylic paint - I used Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Greek Tile
sponge daubers and paint brushes of varying sizes
X-acto knife
Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencil Film
print out of Matt's company logo to use for creating my own stencil
candy of choice for the purpose of filling the candy jar

I washed and dried the container inside and out with warm soapy water so I would have a clean surface for my stencil and for Matt's M&Ms.  I printed the company logo, trimmed the paper so that the logo was framed by a 1" border of paper, and then taped it on top of the adhesive stencil paper.  Using an X-acto knife, I carefully cut out all of the logo's image from the stencil paper backed by a piece of cardboard.  I was hoping to prevent scoring into our coffee table. 

I peeled the stencil away from the backing paper.  Then I carefully placed the sticky side of the stencil to the glass surface where I wanted to paint and smoothed out all the air bubbles.

I used the sponge daubers to apply the acrylic paint onto my stencil, making sure each exposed space was well covered in paint.  Once I had painted across the entire stencil and all my letters were complete, I peeled the stencil off the glass.  Using the paint brushes, I went back across my image touching up a few spots and cleaning up the areas where I didn't want excess paint.

By the time I had cleaned my brushes, sponges, and thrown away scraps and trash, the candy jar was dry enough to fill with candy and set aside to be wrapped.  I started, painted, and was cleaned up all within the time span of two and a half Dr. Who episodes on Netflix.  Not too shabby for this uncrafty girl.

On Valentine's Day morning I surprised Matt with his jar full of M&Ms.  He seemed to be thrilled, but I'm still not convinced if it was about the jar or what was inside.  Either way, Matt's gift has found its new home right on the corner of his desk with an office-wide edict "NO TOUCHIES".

Please excuse the photo quality.  It was taken with an Android phone.  I'm sure my iPhone/iPad/iEmptyWallet readers will understand. 

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