Our Livin' Large Maui Vacation - Day 6

Day 6.  Also known as Matt's Day.  Day 5 was my day.  Characterized by the go-go-go, see-see-see, do-do-do that I am fond of jam packing into my vacational activities.

Day 6 started with a startling 6:30 am phone call from my mother wanting to inform me that I-5 through the Grapevine was closed due to extreme snow.  I couldn't have cared less as I still had 30 more hours of gorgeous 70 degree weather and sunshine.  I fell back to sleep for a few more hours and awoke later to share a pleasant breakfast on the lanai with my hubby: pineapple juice, a slice of Julia's banana bread, salad, and Fail Blog. 

The remainder of the morning was spent diving into the waves on the beach in front of our resort.  Soaking up rays of sun on the beach.  More splashing in the ocean.  Until our grumbling tummies lured us toward The Beach House restaurant for a relaxing ocean side lunch.  We picked a large lounging couch facing the beach and ordered tasty beach drinks and entrees from our fantastic server, Claudia.

I satiated my hunger with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich served on a pineapple ring with coleslaw then washed it all down with a frosty Lava Flow from the bar.  A glorious combination of piña colada and strawberry.  I only wish I had taken pictures.  Not to indulge you, the readers, but to remember the ethereal moments Matt and I experienced that afternoon.  Cool breeze nipping through the warm air.  The ocean crashing in front of us.  Frolicking taste buds.

And when the plates were cleared and our bellies were full, Matt read his book and I curled up on the lounger and took a nap.  If ever there was a perfect day, this was it.  Perhaps I should leave all the vacation planning to my hubs from now on.

Or not.

The remainder of the afternoon found Matt reclining by the pool and me in the Waihua Spa shop... shopping.  By early evening our skin had achieved a ripe tomato-esque glow and we had another Preferred Pump sponsored dinner and open bar waiting for us.

Quick eats.  Freebie drinks.  A slow romantic walk on a moonlit beach.  Cliché?  Yes.  And oh so Hollywood.  But I loved it.  Back to the room and pack, pack, pack followed immediately by passing out on the bed.  Day 7 would send us on our way back to LA.

Here is a gratuitous beach picture, just so this post isn't completely nekkid.  Enjoy!

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