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Tuesday is the day I spill my own little voice into the big crazy interweb vat of everyone else's opinions, sharing my favorite whatnots and whereabouts and why they are so dang awesome to me.

Today's take:  Zojirushi 3.0 Liter Water Boiler and Warmer

I love tea.  I have no fewer than 25 different varieties of tea sitting on my counter at this exact moment.  Green tea.  Black tea.  Rooibos.  I have oolong tea.  Herbal blends.  Bagged.  Whole leaves.  Tea for summer.  Tea for winter.  Tea for detoxification.  Tea for menstrual cramps.  I. Love. Tea.

What I do not love is having to boil and reboil kettle after kettle on the days I want to drink mug after mug of all those delectable flavors.  That's a lot of waiting for a whistle.  I could be right in the middle of an intense Walking Dead moment when the kettle decides to bellow its steamy notification.  Who wants to pause Rick and Shane squaring off just to pour a hot cuppa? Not I.

When my old tea kettle was worn down, worn through, and no longer able to fulfill its duty, I started the month-long research quest to find a replacement.  It was time to upgrade.  My mind was made up, but I wasn't prepared to spend so much money on hot water.  On Christmas Eve, Matt and I were thrilled to find the Zojirushi 3.0 Liter Water Boiler and Warmer waiting for us in a perfectly packaged UPS box.  Thanks, Mom, for being a mind-reading bad ass.  In that sixth-sense-moms-just-know kinda way. 

This thing is amazing.  It boils 3 liters of water and then brings it down to a perfect 195 degree temperature for brewing black tea.  Since I've been drinking mostly black blends lately, I leave the setting as-is.  When I know I'll be partaking of my Dragonwell Organic Green or Premium Silky Green, I can set the temperature to 175 degrees or even 140 degrees so as to brew the optimum cup and not burn the tea in the process.  I am hardly a tea snob, but it is wonderful to be able to brew a mug and really taste the flavor of the tea.  Who knew all 25 flavors could actually taste so different!

What I love is that this little water warmer keeps the water at a consistent temperature the entire time it is on.  I can fill it in the morning and have water ready for my Texas tea mug all day long.  Now I don't have to worry about missing (or pausing) any critical moments of The Walking Dead.  And that's important.  I also love the visual indicator that lets me know just how much water is left in the unit.  Very handy and that means I'm not scalding my wrists every time I open the lid to check the water level.

During my college days of Cup Noodles and Quaker Apples and Cinnamon instant oatmeal, this would've been perfect!

The Zojirushi Water Boiler and Heater takes up minimal space, is easily accessed by swivel, and is the perfect addition to my humble "tea corner" in the kitchen.  My favorite new appliance.  And worth every penny I didn't spend.  But I definitely would now that I know just how wonderful it is!

My Tuesday Takes are not sponsored.  I just happen to like "stuff" and like to spread the word about the quality "stuff" that makes me happy.  I do not receive money, goods, or services for my rants.  It would be kinda cool, but it isn't happening.  Just so y'all know.


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