Why You Should Be Excited About This Blog

Why should you be excited?  Because I'm getting organized again!

Maybe.  I'm certainly going to try.  Okay, it's on my To Do List.

Starting next week, I am going to focus one day a week on dishing out my personal opinions on things I really like.  Products, services, activities, kitchen gadgetry, kitchen appliances, prepackaged food, skin care... if I can spend money on it, you're going to read about it.

I am Don Draper's dream girl.  I am the housewife who finds something she likes and then insists on telling her friends and her friends' friends all about it.  Only instead of using a rotary telephone to spread the word, I'm tapping into the interwebbernet.  And probably reaching about the same number of people either way.

I love hearing/reading personal reviews on things.  All things.  Everything.  I scour Yelp and TripAdvisor and Amazon and Zappos... all before I finalize my respective purchases.  And now I am going to contribute to the noise of the internet with my own voice and you, all of my friends (housewives or otherwise), are invited to read.

I'm also planning to do a few giveaways again.  And I will need YOUR help in spreading the word when I do.


Starting this Thursday, I am bringing back my Dining Out Paleo series.  There seems to be an increased interest in where and how to eat Paleo away from home, especially in Thai restaurants.  I will be venturing out around Southern California (and hopefully beyond) to deliver up some fresh ideas on restaurants and foods that will keep me and you on track when we're away from our kitchens.  Be excited!


And perhaps I'll throw in a bonus day every now and then for what is going on in my own kitchen.  Good or bad.  Preferably good.  The shelves have been restocked.  The seasoning blends have been prepared.  Now all I need is the motivation to pull myself away from Netflix bingeing on Dr. Who to spend a little time prepping, cooking, and satisfying my wifely duties by putting a beautiful dinner on the table.

A dinner that would impress even Mr. Draper.

Until Thursday, my friends...

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