Dining Out Paleo: Jackie's Cafe

Welcome to my Thursday series: Dining Out Paleo 
Every Thursday (or so) I post a recent dining out experience and how I chose the best possible options to stay true to my whole food/whole health lifestyle, opting for the freshest and most nutrient dense foods while avoiding grains, sugars, dairy, and soy to the best of my ability.  Unless informed otherwise, I always assume that the restaurant uses vegetable/canola oils for cooking.
Did you know that omelet is the preferred spelling in American English, referring to the fluffy egg dish we all like to devour on special Sunday mornings?  Omelette, however, is also acceptable and is the preferred spelling in all other varieties of English.  I guess I'm just unAmerican because I've been wasting the two extra letters for longer than I can remember; auto-correct really doesn't appreciate it either.
This week's Dining Out Paleo is obviously breakfast related and ironically has nothing to do with omelettes.  I had the pleasure of meeting a new old-friend for breakfast this week and we had a fantastic time finally getting to know each other, catching up on the little we did know, and commiserating over our sheer disdain for our current locality.  Which is sometimes mitigated by uniquely intriguing skies and scenery like this...

And this...

Since my gal pal, L, usually relegates her public breakfasts to Denny's or IHOP, I was designated to pick our dining destination.  I have heard much ado about Jackie's Cafe in Lancaster and barely recall eating there once a long while back in my pancake and waffle days.  I was thrilled when I cracked open the menu and was treated to options galore of egg dishes, omelettes, and cafe specials.  Meats, eggs, veggies, herbs.  There were so many options from which to choose!
The wind was blowing hard and spiking a biting chill into the Antelope Valley air, so I started with a hot mug of green tea.  
I made it through my entire pot of hot water before finally making a selection:  Two Eggs, One Meat.  With a selection ranging from chorizo to chicken apple sausage, I decided on Canadian bacon.  I ordered my eggs poached, avoiding any excess cooking oils, and I substituted the homemade herb potatoes for a bowl of fresh fruit.  A perfect Paleo breakfast. 
Hmmm... now that I am writing this, I am wishing I had ordered sliced avocado to get a nice hearty dose of antioxidants, vitamin E, and folate.  Next time.

I'll admit I had a bit of order envy when L's dish was placed on the table.  I'm pretty sure her behemoth steak fajita omelette threw me a seductive wink.  L was kind enough to offer me a bite and I quickly nabbed up a bite of steak and a homemade herb potato.  Wowza, my friends!  Thatsa tasty breakfast!

2 out of 2 meals received a check PLUS.  
A few other menu items that caught my eye:

No Carb Breakfast - grilled chicken breast, spinach, scrambled egg whites, and sliced tomatoes.
Chicken Breast Basil Pesto Omelette -  same ingredients as the No Carb with basil pesto and jack cheese.
Build-Your-Own Omelette - a whole mess of meat and veggie selections to make the perfect breakfast brainchild.

I think L was happy we weren't limited to the Denny's All-You-Can-Eat pancakes for $4 and I was happy to introduce her to somewhere fabulously fulfilling and family friendly.  Another Paleo pig-out success!  I hope she's ready to exchange more AV grouses, because I'm ready to discuss 50 mph wind gusts** over breakfast again very very soon!


**The linked broadcast is three years old, almost to the day.  I included it because it could be aired again today, completely unchanged and still be 100% accurate.  As Matt said after we both checked the weather apps on our respective phones and laughed out loud,  "the weather here is nothing if not consistent."  Yup.

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