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Tuesday is the day I spill my own little voice into the big crazy interweb vat of everyone else's opinions, sharing my favorite whatnots and whereabouts and why they are so dang awesome to me.

 Today's take: Eat-Smart Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit

I am a salad fiend.  I love crazy salad amalgamations that layer all kinds of delicious goodies.  Fruit?  Nuts? Avocados?  Bring it.  Marrying Matt was one of the best things I've ever done because my mother-in-law is the Salad Queen.  She whips up out of this world salads that have crunchy healthy nuts, an assortment of healthy greens, strawberries, and some type of cinnamon citrus dressing that I dream about for weeks after consuming it.  Oh, and avocado.  There are always divine creamy hunks of avocado.  But since we don't have a mother-in-law suite in our house and it would be awkward to invite her over every single night for dinner, Matt and I are usually left to our own accord for ho-hum salad preparations.

Then one very lucky shopping trip to Albertson's and a later, family-sized trip to Costco...

Matt and I stumbled upon the most glorious bag of prepared salad mixins I have ever seen.  
The Eat-Smart Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit is a bag of brilliance.  Period.

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Green Cabbage, Kale, Chicory.  Dried cranberries.  Roasted pumpkin seeds.  Poppyseed dressing.  Let's take a moment and look at why this 28 ounce bag is paramount to crisper drawers everywhere.

It's healthy as heck, proudly touting "7 Superfoods".  Eating from this bag of salad is the best thing I do to my body all day.  How super are these super foods?  

 I like to imagine a healing Care Bear Stare aimed at me, offering my body and gut health:

an abundance of vitamin A and K (vision and bone health, galore)
high fiber
loads of iron
plenty of antioxidants (away with you, cancer cells!)
a fiesta of vitamin C (building up my immune system of steel)

All in one bowl.  

A full 28 ounce bag of leafy, crispy, green goodness saves me time from washing, peeling, and chopping.  I also appreciate that there are almost no woody kale stems.  The bag is full of thinly sliced Brussels sprouts, shreds of broccoli, leafy bits of kale, and small leaves of chicory and cabbage.  As long as Costco carries it, this bag will have a permanent place in my refrigerator.

To the whole health/whole food/Paleo/etc. folks that are avoiding GMO oils, I suggest round filing the poppyseed dressing and pumpkin seeds as they are prepared with soybean and canola oil.  The cranberries are sweetened with sugar and are easily replaced with your own fresh fruits.  They are all easy enough to toss out as each of these comes in its own baggie separate from the healthy greens. 

Toast your own pumpkin seeds or add a small handful of crushed macadamia nuts.  And coming up with your own dressings can fill the time saved from washing and preparing all the greens.  Why not try the Southwest Cumin-Lime Dressing from the Well Fed cookbook?  Or the Sweet Mustard?

And if eliminating vegetable oils aren't your thing, then dig in with all the side fixin's and enjoy.  Because they do make one tasty salad!

Now if you'll excuse me, it is time to get my nosh on with a big bowl of Kale Vegetable Salad topped with leftover sliced organic chicken thighs, macadamia nut oil , and a splash of blackberry balsamic vinegar.  Slurp!

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