Hot Dog! Bark in the Park at Dodger Stadium! Round 2

The first time Matt and I made an attempt to take the dogs to Dodger Stadium it turned out to be a ridiculously awesome time and we convinced ourselves afterwards that we would make a habit out of the slobbering, barking, hair-flying insanity.  And that was just the people in line for the AYCE ballpark food.

The afternoon of May 11 found the four of us leashing up and heading back down to Chavez Ravine to watch the Dodgers take on the Marlins and hopefully pull out of a disgusting last place losing streak.  The following is the random assortment of dog and baseball photos that I was able to capture with my phone in one hand and Volt in the other.  And now for your amusement...

The crowd of over 600 dogs and their owners makes its way onto the field.

We were among them.  Matt refused to smile because I was probably hollering at him to pose for the picture and he was preoccupied with ensuring Miss Ellie didn't eat the chihuahuas in her path.

I decided to up the challenge of behavior control and give him my dog that was more interested in hugging all the fellow parade participants.

Volt seemed extra interested in the A/V team hanging out in the Dodger's dugout.

We finally arrived at our seats and got settled in for the long nine innings ahead of us.

Miss Ellie insisted that the All-You-Can-Eat food selection included all SHE could eat, too.

Boy did they eat all they could. 

After their fill of Dodger dogs, popcorn, and nachos, it was nap time...

...waking up just in time to watch the final plays that led the Dodgers to the first win of the month!

High-fives, hugs, and big wet kisses filled the Right Field Pavilion.  Another successful evening of gluttony, puppy love, and baseball.  That's what I call Heaven and we didn't even have to travel to Iowa!

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