Look At All The Healthies I Ate This Week! 11-May-2013

Fresh green salad lettuce mix...

Right out of the garden.

A Japanese sweet potato with 1 snack pack of Wholly Guacamole and a scoop of Farmhouse Culture live sauerkraut.  Yes, it is alive, and yes it is awesome!

A few little RAW snackins... raw as in minimal processing at low temperatures.  I have an obsession with my Hail Merry macaroons.  They are the best dessert snackies I have found.  Aaaaand they are Paleo.  Treats.  But still Paleo.  The Ginger Snaps were a new try this week, based on the recommendation from a Beachbody Fitness coach that I follow on Instagram.  Subliminal motivation!



Okay, just kidding about the grubs.  But I DID discover this little fart and a few of his friends hiding out under the lawn this week.  Matt, of course, received the obligatory phone call consisting of me screaming and gagging in a sad semblance of human communication skills.  According to the rest of the world, the larvae are quite nutritious.  Yeah, well, I couldn't care less.

BACON-WRAPPED GREEN BEAN BUNDLES!!! I have named these Pig & Twigs.  I started with this recipe and modified it to make it...well... better.  I used twice as much butter, three teaspoons of garlic powder, and NO sugar.  And they were AMAZING.  I am planning to try this with fresh minced garlic next time, though I'm afraid the garlic will probably burn.  I'll keep you posted.

Scrambled pasture-raised eggs with green chiles and uncured bacon, a regular ol' yam, more guacamole, and more sauerkraut.

Pasture-raised, uncured hot links.  I am completely in love the Fork In The Road meat products.  

They only use the highest quality meat — "heirloom pork, sustainably-raised beef and free-roaming chicken and turkey.  It comes from humanely raised animals that are bred for flavor and tenderness. They’re never given antibiotics, growth enhancers or added hormones, are fed an entirely vegetarian diet, and are allowed to do what comes naturally — roam freely and behave like, well, animals."  Beyond all of that... they just taste REALLY good.  No chemicals really means being able to taste the meat.  And it is oh, so delicious!

Threw a few thick slices of Vidalia onion on the grill and it was a meal!

And of course, a lot more salad with extra virgin olive oil and blackberry balsamic vinegar for dressing.

Want to know what I did not eat this week?  THIS:

It is LITERALLY bread.  In a can.  Bread in a can.  Who?  Who eats this?  Apparently a bunch of folks from Massachusetts and surrounding areas because the can claims it is New England's Finest.  Does that mean there are OTHER breads in a can?  That are not as good?  I hope I never have to find out.

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