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 Today's take: Casabella Standard Muffin Cups

I'm not much for baking my own cupcakes.  In fact, since I've really become immersed in the impact food has on my internal body, I haven't done much baking at all... Paleo or otherwise.  When it comes to cupcakes, I leave it to the experts for a special occasion.  Like a trip to Las Vegas to reminisce about my wonderful wedding weekend.  Now THESE were some cupcakes!  I'm quite fond of the decor.  Makes a good lookin' cupcake.

Back in my own kitchen, away from the lights and the booze and boobs, the only miniature cakes that come out of the oven tend to be more of a breakfast item and less of a sweet treat.  I have a box full of "egg muffin" recipes that I like to dig into from time to time when I am not feeling up to cooking an egg breakfast every single morning.

Egg muffins and the like are easy to prepare and last in my fridge for a little over a week.  On days I don't feel like cooking and am completely famished after rowing (in my home gym), I'm happy to grab two of the little guys and pop them in the microwave for a quick protein fix.  Easy enough... right up until I have to negotiate the paper wrappers from my little muffins of meat and egg.  More times than not, I'll get a few extra bites of fiber that I really had no intention of eating.  And, well, that just sucks.  No one likes eating muffin paper.

I was once again in the mood for my eggy muffin melange  a few weeks back and decided I would not subject my taste buds to paper wrappers any longer.  I began the search for those awesome silicone baking cups I had been longing for years and years and years ago.  After much reading, research, and visual discerning I decided on the Casabella Standard Muffin Cups.

They are BPA-free, constructed of a food-grade silicone, and according to one reviewer they do not contain toxic fillers like some of the big name brands.  Many reviewers expressed how happy they were at the ease of food removal and cleaning with these particular cups.  As soon as they arrived, I put my rainbow colored baking buddies to the test.

I pulled out my favorite egg muffin recipe, using real roasted green chiles instead of canned and preparing my own breakfast sausage.  After a thorough washing, I set each muffin cup on a baking sheet and filled with the egg mixture.  I watched closely as the eggy goodness bubbled and browned and pulled them out of the oven when they were all ready.  I allowed appropriate time to cool and then popped each little breakfast beauty out of the silicone cups and into a storage container.

The verdict?  I LOVED them.  There was not one ounce of baked on residue left behind in the cups.  And my eggs were completely paper free.  The cups were incredibly easy to wash again with warm, soapy water and they take up very little room stacked with the rest of my bake ware in the cabinet.  No more soaking and scrubbing muffin tins, no more muffin cup paper flecks stuck to my food.  I couldn't be more thrilled with my Casabella Standard Muffin Cups.  

A few reviews that I read complained of the cups' small size and noted that they aren't a true muffin size.  When I looked into the one size larger, I felt like I was looking at the mold for the Costco muffins.  You know the ones that could feed a family of six?  Then I realized that people just have a distorted concept of portions and stuck with my original order of the standard size.  If anything, these are slightly more tapered at the bottom than the paper cups or a regular muffin tin.  But are we really missing anything with one less bite of cupcake?  Or eggcake?  

Apparently these little guys also make for great lunch kit dividers.  I love reading how moms are using these to prepare little bento style boxes for their kid's school lunches!  My mom rocked it out with a pb&j and some fruit in a paper sack.  Times have certainly changed.  I blame Pinterest.  

I'm definitely happy to have added the Casabella Standard Muffin Cups to my crowd of kitchen cookware and even happier to have prepared grab-and-go breakfasts hanging out in my fridge.  No extra soggy fiber bits necessary.


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