Look At All The Healthies I Ate... This Month!

Yeah, yeah... I've been a bad blogger lately.  Without Facebook draining my days away, I've actually been busy and even found myself on a mini-getaway to Vegas with the hubby.  It's always nice to return to the city that changed my life with the man that changed it for some R&R and some wicked awesome pool time.  Nothing says vacay like a three-story water slide through a shark tank.  Amirite?

Photo source: http://www.goldennugget.com/lasvegas/pool.asp
So in between road trips and everything else I've been wrapped up in, what did I manage to get down my gullet these past few weeks?  Here's a peek...

Plenty o' pastured eggs.  Poached.  Scrambled.  Seasoned.  Served with uncured bacon.  Served with tri-tip.  Sometimes a side of wilted spinach and garlic.  Sometimes a side of Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut.  

Uncured bacon-wrapped pasture-raised, uncured beef hot dogs.  See the theme?

Oh so many salads.  Baby spinach salad with tri-tip and salsa.  

Baby spinach salad with tri-tip and strawberries.  With extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Strawberries and balsamic = magic in my mouth.

All of the above, but with grilled chicken instead of tri-tip.  I like to change it up every now and then.

Even baby spinach salads with carrots, cucumbers, baby beets... and yes, that is feta cheese.  Because I really had a hard-core hankering and there just isn't any type of sub for feta.  Man, feta tastes good on salad.

My paleo-ish dog even got in on the action.  He has taken to harvesting his own fruit snacks from our backyard garden.  Watermelon right off the vine?  He nabbed one.

My little locavore even eats peaches that he collects straight off the tree.  That is a peach.  A good peach in his little doggy mouth.  I wish I could train him to pick the whole tree without leaving bite marks.

There were even a few dining out options where I kept it as clean as possible...  like the delicious chicken and vegetable soup from The Thai Garden in Rosamond.

A 3x2, animal-style, protein-style, add chopped chiles from In-N-Out.  Not the healthiest, but on the go I could have done a whole lot worse.  I was aiming to up my protein intake that particular day.  I think I achieved my target of 100 grams.  Thanks In-N-Out.

On the way to Vegas, I managed to gobble up the best Paleo option for fast food: Chipotle.  So good, it was even Whole30 compliant!  It was THAT clean.  No pictures because I horked it down before I grabbed my phone, but if you're curious how I order... check out my Dining Out Paleo: Chipotle post.

Want to know what else I tore through before taking any pictures?  Korean BBQ at Genwa in Los Angeles.  Here is Matt contemplating our delicious meal and the remnants of Banchan.

And my most favorite meal of the past few weeks??  Homemade Paleo meatballs, made with grass-fed ground beef served on a bed of zoodles (zucchini noodles) topped with Paleo friendly (even Whole30 friendly!) 365 Every Day pasta sauce.  These awesome little guys might just make it into next months healthy eats, too.

Rinse and repeat.  A few of these made it into the rotation more than once... twice... maybe even three or four times.  They were all so tasty good that I didn't mind one bit.  My body is feeling so much better than it did this time in April.  Hooray for the "magic" of healthy eats!

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