What is Paleo?

"So what IS this Paleo thing you're doing?"

I get asked this question a lot.  A LOT.  When I sit at my desk and eat a giant salad with chunks of grilled chicken, slices of avocado, and a few spurts of Frank's Hot Sauce ... When I eat out and order a burger with no bun, wrapped in lettuce, no fries, extra veggies...  When I attend a family gathering and fill my plate with all the meats and veggies on the table and pass the bread basket right on by and say 'no' to dessert... I inevitably get asked "so what IS Paleo?"

My response has evolved with time.  And depending on the person, I continue to tweak it.  But here's the bulk of how it goes:

"I eat meat and vegetables.  I eat a little bit of fruit.  Sometimes I eat nuts.  I eat very little starch - usually a yam or sweet potato after a workout.  And no sugar.  I prefer to eat whole foods that come from the earth... if it grows on a tree or from the ground, I'll eat it.  If it walked around and ate something that grew on a tree or from the ground, I'll eat it.  I choose to eat this way because it is an anti-inflammatory/non-allergenic way of eating that I believe is the best preventative measure against long-term disease and health issues.  I don't want cancer.  I don't want Alzheimer's.  I don't want want problems with my endocrine or digestive systems.  I dealt with acne up until the day I changed my diet - a mere three years ago.  This goes long beyond weight loss... it is my way of life.  From the food I eat, the activities in which I engage, my monitoring of sleep and stress levels, the focus on whole body health - it is all part of the way I choose to live."

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